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giclée poster

Giclee posters allow you to easily collect reproductions. Even though it's easy, we don't skimp on quality. Not only is it of a higher quality than offset printing, but it is also hand-signed by the artist himself and delivered to the owner. Recommended as an introductory item to Yamashita's works.

About giclée, the reproduction painting that is currently attracting attention.

The origin of giclée is said to be when photographer and musician Graham Nash (member of CSNY) used the printer IRIS, which was developed by IRIS in the 1980s. Giclee means "spray" in French. This is the latest reproduction technology using a high-performance inkjet printer. Please note that printers andPlease note that paper specifications are subject to change without notice.

About framing giclée posters

When displaying a giclée poster in your room, we recommend that you frame it. Not only does it make your work look even cooler, but it also protects the delicate printing surface. Part of the fun is choosing the owner's favorite frame. Frames for photos and posters can be purchased at art supply stores or mail order, so please refer to the links below.