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Original artwork

If you are not satisfied with reproductions of posters or prints, please consider purchasing a one-of-a-kind original painting. By owning a one-of-a-kind original painting, you will feel the joy of becoming the owner of the best work of art. You can also enjoy the vivid colors and textures that only an original painting can provide.


A major characteristic of Yamashita's work can be said to be the "expression of energy."


Ryohei Yamashita's work expresses invisible movements, presences, and dynamism through the texture of paint. The technique he uses to express these can be described as "coarse and dense." I felt that he expressed this by using "coarse and dense" as a tool to recognize the energy that cannot actually be seen as "a trace of something."

This relationship between "coarse and dense" can be seen throughout his work: flat backgrounds and densely drawn figures, areas with and without paint texture, areas painted with a brush and areas painted with a painting knife, etc. This combination of "coarse and dense" makes those who see his work realize that it is an expression of energy that captures a certain moment in time.

The high level of his work can also be seen from the fact that it is difficult to understand how he painted them. There are countless examples, such as the order in which the paints were placed, the negative aspects of the figures (the paint is placed on the background, making the figure stand out from the background), and the stunning three-dimensionality of the figures using a single color of paint. One way to enjoy his work is to analyze it and ask yourself, "How did he paint it?"