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canvas print

A new innovation in replica art, recommended for art beginners.The work data will be printed directly onto the canvas and delivered attached to a wooden frame. By reproducing the work on a three-dimensional canvas, you can enjoy the texture of the original painting. You can use it without a frame, and it looks great even if you take it out of the box and hang it on your wall.


About printing canvas prints

Print fabric: <Rectangle type> 100% linen, <Square type> Cotton synthetic fiber, Frame: Paulownia wood

The ``Rectangular Type'' is made of 100% linen printed fabric and is nailed on the sides, while the ``Square Type'' is thick and has a cotton synthetic printed fabric that is stapled on the back using a strong stapler. Direct printing with UV inkjet, 7 standard colors (CMYKLcLmLk) for a clear and rich finish. In addition, by applying varnish to the printing surface, a glossy appearance was achieved.