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Ryohei Yamashita

Ryohei Yamashita

Artist Ryohei Yamashita Profile

He creates paintings with a consistent theme of ``dynamism.'' His representative works are the Samurai and Athlete series. Launched his own art brand ``LIKE A ROLLING STONE'' and presented his works. In 2015, he won the "E+ Award" at the art fair "UNKNOWN ASIA". It attracts a lot of attention in the official visual of the Olympic sailing team and in the stained glass at Gaienmae Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line. In the field of commercial art, he has created visuals specializing in sports and athletes, including the cover of magazine house ``Tarzan'', including Nike, and the official visuals for the Yokohama Marathon.



A major feature of Yamashita's works can be said to be the expression of energy.Don'tShall we?


Ryohei Yamashita's works express the movement, presence, and dynamism of things that cannot actually be seen with the naked eye through the materiality of paint.

The techniques used to express these can be called "coarse and dense." I feel that this is a way to express energy that cannot actually be seen with the naked eye, using ``coarse and dense'' as a tool to recognize that it is ``a trace of something.''


This relationship between coarse and dense can be seen throughout his works. There are flat backgrounds and densely drawn figures, parts with and without paint matière, parts drawn with a brush and parts drawn with a painting knife, etc. This combination of coarse and dense makes the viewer realize that the work is an expression of the energy captured in a single moment.


The high level of his work can be seen from the fact that it is difficult to understand how he drew his works. What is the order in which you put the paint on? When drawing a person, there are some parts that are depicted in a negative way (putting paint on the background side and making the image stand out from the background side), using one color of paint. There are too many examples to list, such as how it wonderfully expresses the three-dimensionality of people.

Perhaps one way to enjoy his works is to analyze them and think, ``How does he draw them?''


I felt that his works had a condensed energy that made me want to actually see the real works with my own eyes, rather than viewing them through a web browser or in print.

(Quoted from SAMENOS review)


Author: Satoshi Kenmoku

Affiliation: DADA Co., Ltd. SAMENOS Division

Career: Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, Department of Fine Arts, Major in Oil Painting, Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, Graduate School of Art and Design, Department of Art and Design


There are expressions of people that are more exciting than static portraits..

Ryohei Yamashita has consistently sought to find the pinnacle of beauty in the moments of human movement, and has pioneered a unique genre as an artist. All the body movements that make the wind cut and the water dance are fixed on the canvas through bold compositions and brush strokes that fully utilize the artist's own body. Also, the imagination of the contestantsHe continues to evolve, searching for themes in various moments that unfold from dynamic beauty, such as replacing nations with landscapes and choosing sentiments of the four seasons as subjects.

Author: Koji Yoshida(Gallery Speak for Director)


Handled by Gendai Eshi Kobo “LIKE A ROLLING STONE” is an art brand that mainly sells works by artist Ryohei Yamashita. We have been supporting artists who have been active since the brand was launched in 2010.

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