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limited edition prints

The paintings of Ryohei Yamashita, an artist who continues to depict the dynamic world, have been made into limited edition prints. A collector's item with the highest quality printing. The number of items sold is limited, so please purchase your favorite pieces as soon as possible.


About printing prints.

Adopts a high quality inkjet printer. Achieves printing in the highest image quality mode. By using neutral base paper made from 100% cotton fiber for paper (A2 size only), deterioration is minimized and long-term storage is possible. Please note that the color of the product image and the actual product may differ slightly. Please note that paper specifications are subject to change without notice.

About edition numbers

This product is made to order in limited quantities, so each piece will have a different edition number handwritten by the author.
Please note that we cannot accept requests for edition numbers.


About framing prints

When displaying prints in your room, we recommend framing them. Not only does it make your work look even cooler, but it also protects the delicate printing surface. Part of the fun is choosing the owner's favorite frame. Frames for photos and posters can be purchased at art supply stores or mail order, so please refer to the links below.