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Fukuoka solo exhibition "HOPE" January 2021
Fukuoka solo exhibition "HOPE" January 2021

Thu, Jan 07



Fukuoka solo exhibition "HOPE" January 2021

This is Yamashita's long-awaited solo exhibition in Fukuoka, his first in about five years. His works depict moments of movement, and while they are filled with a strong sense of vitality, they also contain a sadness that ends in an instant. He chose the title "HOPE" to express his hope that these things will last forever, even though he knows they are fleeting. He moved his studio to Shonan, near the sea, and took on the challenge of broadening the range of expression of the theme of movement.

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Jan 07, 2021, 7:00 AM – Jan 31, 2021, 8:00 PM

TAGSTÅ GALLERY, Japan, 〒810-0003, Japan, 1-7-11 Haruyoshi, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture, 1F Space Cube


Exhibition Title

Ryohei Yamashita HOPE

Date and Time

January 7th (Thu) - January 31st (Sun), 2021 7:00-20:00



Space Cube 1F, 1-7-11 Haruyoshi, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, 810-0003

Admission fee


List of exhibited works

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Highlights of the exhibition

Yamashita continues to paint in pursuit of dynamism, mainly using the human form and scenes of athletes and samurai as motifs. The beauty of all kinds of bodily movements, such as running and jumping, cutting through the wind and dancing water, and bending of the earth, is captured on canvas with compositions and brushstrokes rich in both size and volume. Rather than pursuing only the decisive climax, his unique vision, accompanied by sophisticated ideas such as replacing the athlete's field of vision with a landscape painting, choosing the silence of chilling out and the sentiments of the four seasons as subject matter, excites the viewer and fascinates them as if they are experiencing it themselves. His own experience as an athlete and his knowledge of video production are also fully utilized in his paintings, and his angle that does not miss the core of each competition and sport has earned him widespread sympathy from athletes.

Recently, he has been involved in the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Public Art Installation Project, where he has been in charge of creating stained glass art at Gaienmae Station, the station closest to the New National Stadium, and his social activities are shining brightly. His indoor murals at Nike Japan's headquarters and the official visuals for the Olympic sailing team have also attracted a lot of attention.

This is Yamashita's long-awaited Fukuoka solo exhibition, his first in about five years. Yamashita says that his paintings, which appear to depict strong vitality, often also contain a sadness that ends in an instant. The title expresses the hope that something will last forever, even though we know it is fleeting. While keeping the theme of dynamism, this will be an opportunity to enjoy his current state, in which his range of expression is greatly expanding. Approximately 20 original paintings, large and small, will be exhibited and sold, with the main focus on new works made with acrylic paint. In addition, related products such as a collection of works produced to commemorate this exhibition, giclee posters, and calendars will also be on sale.

Ryohei Yamashita Painter

Born in Nakagawa, Fukuoka Prefecture, and currently living in Shonan. Graduated from Kyushu Institute of Design. After working as a street artist in Fukuoka, he moved to Kanagawa Prefecture in 2002 and began creating works in earnest. His representative works are the Samurai and Athlete series. Recent major works include the public art at Tokyo Metro Gaienmae Station, the official visuals for the Japanese Olympic Sailing Team, and Achilles' "Shunsoku" artwork. He actively participates in exhibitions both in Japan and abroad. In 2015, he won the "ePlus Award" at the art fair "UNKNOWN ASIA."

*Due to the current social situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the exhibition may be postponed or canceled. The latest information will be posted on this exhibition information page.

*All exhibited works will be for sale.


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